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The Cut

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At Aurora, we believe that your hair is just as important to us when you are in the salon as it is when you are at home. 

Our understanding is that YOU have to wear the haircut, so you should work together with our stylists.

We pride ourselves in our consultations and we think this is key for the best result.  We look at every aspect of your hair to find out what you are happy and unhappy with. This extra time really helps us to work together making sure that you are clear and completely happy with the look that you and your stylist decide upon.  We want to be positive that when you leave the salon you are looking beautiful and feeling confident.

We take into account everything from lifestyle, suitability, fashion and current trends. Also taking into consideration your cut, colour and condition of your hair

To be a good hairdresser, you have to understand what the vision is of the designer or the photographer and then sort of add your thing.     

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