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What is your Hair Type?


Coloured hair needs plenty of protection from fade and dehydration. Look out for shampoos that are specifically designed for your shade, like Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo for lightened locks or Wella Professionals Brilliance to keep a whole host of classic and unusual shades from washing out.


Whether you’re naturally wavy or have tight coils, your shampoo needs are different from your straight locked sisters. Encourage your natural texture and help separate your hair into sleeker curls using Redken Curvaceous. Formulated to be light-weight and gently cleansing, it ensures your texture is never weighed down or falling flat, giving you enviable bouncy styles with ease.

Afro Carribean

Uniquely textured afro hair needs its own moisturising and nourishing formulas, enriched with oils and curl encouraging ingredients to make the most of enviable texture and curl. The Mizani Range is designed to tailor to a huge range of textures in black natural hair, from waves to curls however loose or tight. Try the sulphate free Curl Balance for cleansing with added moisture and a creamy, frizz reducing formula that suits all curl types.

Dry & Brittle

We’ve all been guilty of punishing our hair once in a while, in the pursuit of style. If your hair is suffering from dryness and damage, quench its thirst with KMS California Moist Repair. Moisturised, healthy hair is the key to easy styling and shiny, glossy hair that turns heads everywhere you go.


If your hair is naturally prone to turning oily or greasy quickly after you wash, look out for shampoos that promise cleansing power. Your hair’s natural oils are taking care of its health, but you don’t have to suffer too much of them daily. Redken Hair Cleansing Cream is a gentle way to strip back those unwanted oils for lighter, more volumised results.

Fine & Limp

For the girls who suffer from hair that lacks body, starting the styling process with the right shampoo is a must. Limp hair needs a shampoo that doesn’t weigh it down, so look for volumising products that promise weightless formulas. TIGI Catwalk Your Highness is an ideal choice to give your hair back that supermodel style.

Still not sure? Let’s make it even more simple, looking at what exactly all those words the magazines use MEAN for your hair.


Breaking Down the Language of Shampoos

Sulphate Free: If you struggle with dryness, frizziness or “over stripping” of the natural oils in your hair, sulfates in your shampoo may be the culprit. Sulfate Free shampoos have been growing in popularity of the past few years as a part of the “No Shampoo” (natural) movement. If you want to skip the sometimes negative affects of regular shampooing, but don’t want to go without cleansing your locks, this is the choice for you.

Perfect for: Curly and coarse hair, Afro Caribbean hair or hair that’s dried out or prone to frizz.

Clarifying Shampoo: Designed to get rid of the natural build up caused by shampoos and styling products. Back to basics, resetting your hair to squeaky clean. Even if this isn’t your daily choice of shampoo, consider using this once a month for a deep cleanse if you find your hair suffers from build ups.

Avoid if: You have coloured hair, especially reds or pastels, as clarifying shampoos can accelerate the fading process.

Contains Keratin or Proteins: Shampoos enriched with keratin and proteins are ideal for very damaged, heat ravaged or chemically processed hair. Restoring strands with the natural building blocks of healthy hair, keratin and protein rich shampoos are an intense repair system.

Perfect for: Bleach or heat styling addicts, rescuing hair from frizz and tangles caused by damage.

Avoid if: Your hair is oily or has heavy build up as protein-rich shampoos will weigh hair down more.

The Buyer’s Guide to Shampoo

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Feeling overwhelmed by choice when it comes to shampoos? With tailored care for every hair type and a huge range of products and price ranges to choose from, it’s easy to be confused by all of your options. That’s why we want to break down the language of shampoos and help you find the perfect product that’s the building block of great hair, every single day. No one knows your hair quite like you do, so get armed with the knowledge you need to make it look its best.

We stock the full Paul Mitchell range at Aurora.

About the brand

When the Paul Mitchell brand was established in 1980, the mission was simple – making luxury hair products available at an affordable price. They wanted to create a range that every hairstylist would love, and we think they did just that. It’s no wonder, as it’s founders are stylists themselves. A range of products by hairdressers, for hairdressers was born.

A favourite among Regis experts, Paul Mitchell’s huge product range consistently achieves incredible results, whether it’s everyday shampoos or truly unique styling products. The cruelty-free brand is dedicated to utilising exceptional natural ingredients, creating powerful haircare with a conscience.

There’s a Paul Mitchell product for almost every hair type, with their truly tailored haircare working for you. From colour care products to sculpting and texturising formulas, you’ll achieve exceptional styling and truly healthy hair every day. Don’t miss their Tea Tree and Awapuhi ranges, both taking all natural ingredients to create luxury treatments and styling that's both kind to hair, and high performance. Plus, they leave your hair more nourished and smelling incredible!